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Please create a collection that shows your color and material vision for Training/Sportswear for FW23. The concept should reflect what you believe Training/Sportswear is and could be in the future. Create 2-3 different expressions of the same looks through different color stories and color applications. Think about your looks head to toe and how they could come to live in a campaign. 

*Disclaimer: this project was a design task for a role - this is not an official Adidas product, research or designs*

Adidas task SMALLER-01.jpg
Adidas task SMALLER-02.jpg
Adidas task SMALLER-03.jpg
Adidas task SMALLER-04.jpg
Adidas task SMALLER-05.jpg
Adidas task SMALLER-07.jpg
Adidas task SMALLER-06.jpg
Adidas task SMALLER-08.jpg
Adidas task SMALLER-09.jpg
Adidas task SMALLER-10.jpg
Adidas task SMALLER-11.jpg
Adidas task SMALLER-12.jpg
Adidas task SMALLER-13.jpg
Adidas task SMALLER-14.jpg
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