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My name is Francesca Bonner, born and raised in England, currently living in Germany. I am a passionate and adaptable designer with a degree in Product Design (BA). And I am a Pensole footwear academy alumni, currently I work at Adidas as a Color & Material Footwear Designer (Training).

I use fashion and footwear as a way of expressing myself, this is what made me fall in love with design, creating products which would enable people to express themselves without the need for words. Your wardrobe, the interior of your house etc, products which communicate who we are as people.

My love for fashion soon lead me my biggest passion of all, footwear design. Starting with customising my footwear so that I could create unique pieces. The more I dived into the world of sneakers the more in love with the industry I became, inspired by what a pair of sneakers can tell you about someone, from their jobs, influences,  passions and even their hopes and aspirations. All while being fully functioning so people can go about their lives and perform their best. This is what drives my creative energy, inspires my current work.

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