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To create original artwork, showcasing what being a London Original Creative means to me. 

The end result for the original graphic would be used on in-store posters for the new Adidas Original store opening in Carnaby 

London and possibly on gift items such as totes and smaller prints.

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When starting this brief the first thing I did was think of was my first memories of London. I have lived in Greater London all my life, and would visit London central to visit family, friends, tourist hot spots and to find inspiration and myself as a young teenager. My first memories are of the London Underground, as a young child it is confusing and daunting, as an adult it takes you to every opportunity in London. The logo of the underground is iconic, its well known and it is intrinsically tied to being a symbol of London itself.


But I also think the underground is something which connects people, this lead me to being inspired by the London Underground system. It inspired me for multiple reasons, firstly the London Underground connects the whole of London...but more than that, everyone rides the underground or has at one point in time. It is where the masks come off and people are just people, and all equal. You will see people from all walks of life ride on the underground, tourists, bankers, market traders and even politicians...even if it is just for the short trip between one station.


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This story of connection and opportunity really resinated with me. I decided to focus on using a symbol or beacon which represented this story, looking at the underground entrances which are located and visible all over the city. They work as such great symbols of both the obvious which is access to the underground but also as markers for connection points in the city. Each one leading you down to a station, a train, people and opportunity. I also wanted to use the poster to advertise that the store is located in Carnaby, so if used on gift merchandise the graphic would also advertise the location of the store.

Key elements


Colour palette provided by

Adidas Originals

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