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Screenshot 2019-11-14 09.46.04.png

To the right are the finished designs for all the graphics for the caps in the range. The patches are woven with embroidery details to create a more premium patch but also for the aesthetic of an explorer earning their patches as they go through each step of the climb. 

The graphics and designs for this range were designed by the head of design at New Era Europe. My role was to create the execution of the patches and the construction, colour & materials of the caps.

Colour pallet: 


To work with the head of design at New Era Europe to create a collaboration story between New Era X The North Face. The story we wanted to follow, was the journey while climbing a mountain. Creating a cap for each stage, starting at base camp, and finishing at the peak of the mountain. As the climber progresses up the mountain as do the caps in functional fabric, finish and trims.

It was a true honour to present my designs to The North Face and be involved in this collaboration as a designer at New Era Europe.

Screenshot 2019-11-26 19.51.22.png
Screenshot 2019-11-26 19.51.29.png
The North Face Final-01.jpg
tnf colour palete.png
MASTER AI-01.jpg
Screenshot 2019-12-15 17.47.52.png
Screenshot 2019-12-15 17.46.52.png
Screenshot 2019-12-15 17.46.27.png
Screenshot 2019-12-15 17.48.05.png
Screenshot 2019-12-15 17.48.19.png
Screenshot 2019-12-15 17.46.15.png

Disclaimer: ** The below work is not affiliated with The North Face and is a personal project **

tnf complete.jpg

Footwear Brief:

To use the assets shown in the headwear collection to create matching footwear to be sold alongside the headwear. Footwear must match the story for the headwear collection and be silhouette/s which can be used as the consumer travels up the mountain. 

Key Assets to use:

- Woven patches 

- Collaboration branding print

- North Face fabric

- Colour palette as per headwear collection:

tnf colour palete.png



Name: Makai Hughes

Age: 18

London - Camden

- Influencer / photographer

- Invests in brands / Hype

- Wants stand out collectable pieces

- Hikes / explores outdoor areas for photography

north face shoes-01.jpg

Left Boot:

Left boot outside

Left boot top

Left boot inside

New Era Flag

screen print

Woven patch 


Collab graphic print

north face shoesright-01.jpg

Right Boot:

Right boot inside

Right boot outside

Right boot top

The North Face logo

screen print

Woven patch layering

Collab graphic print

Behind the design:

Inspired by the bold colour palette and collaboration print for

the upper colour blocking, the boots are designed to be bold

and impactful. Perfect for fashion photography and also to be

seen on mountain climbs while providing warmth and comfort

all through stays at various camp sites.

Using The North Face dryvent fabric with additional lining, the

boots are also water proof meaning they can be worn from

base camp to summit when resting. I went with a 2 colour

block theme, with one bold colour alongside black as the boot

is designed to be worn with The North Face clothing so while

they stand out they also go perfectly in a colour block story

with various jackets, trousers and accessories from

The North Face / New Era Cap.

Screenshot 2020-12-29 at 18.08.43.png

The woven patch layering is inspired by hiking patches - the idea being the patches could have been collected on various trips up the summit and are added to the boots out of pride and accomplishment for the climber, to be worn both in adverse weather conditions, mountains and as fashion boots. 

The brand logos are purposely on different pairs of the boots, the left shows the New Era Flag, a design feature inspired by the fact that on headwear New Era always has their logo to the left and collaboration logos to the right. The boot is clearly branded by both brands so a change in the upper branding is acceptable as the boot still is visibly recognisable as a North Face boot.

Design developments:

north face shoes development-01.jpg
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