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Working in a team to create an Asics original footwear design that is inspired by the the theme unfold the mind. 

Screenshot 2019-09-23 19.01.49.png

Our Theme:

Our theme was 'unfold the mind', inspired by Japanese origami. The theme focusses on how we can bring together mental and physical health to create a sneaker that reflects the Asics ethos of a sound mind and sound body. 

Meet Arielle

Screenshot 2019-09-23 19.59.13.png

Arielle    -    20     -    Atlanta    -    College Student    -    Fashionista    -    Fast Pace Lifestyle    -    Busy Schedule   


Screenshot 2019-09-23 20.08.03.png

Sneaker that reveals more

Screenshot 2019-09-23 20.08.43.png

Inspired by Origami

inspo 1-01.png

Sneaker can change form


Screenshot 2019-09-23 20.19.03.png

Asics gel gives insight into consumer health

Screenshot 2019-09-23 20.21.07.png

Asics gel is in direct contact with the foot

Screenshot 2019-09-23 20.19.17.png

Asics gel changes colour 



templste for pattern.jpg

After initial ideation sketches I moved onto prototyping to design a sneaker which would change form and unfold to reveal the ASICS gel inside the sneaker. I started by looking at knitted sneaker uppers and testing how they could be folded and manipulated to change shape. I replicated the deconstructed knit upper in tape around a sneaker last, once I removed the tape I had the rough pattern layout. I tested this pattern on paper, to see how the panels would align on the sneaker, cross over and how they would overlay each other naturally, making edits to the pattern so that the layers would overlap. Lastly I created a fabric version of the pattern and refined pattern further by applying magnets to the edge so the folds would be able to stay both folded and unfolded when needed. This then became the shape of my sneaker upper.

ORANGE MOD 3-01.png
ORANGE MOD 1-01.png
ORANGE MOD 2-01.png
LINE ART-01.jpg
foot rele.jpg
foot relex.jpg
redesign reflex.jpg

Sneaker Lining details:

tile pic-02.jpg

Once unfolded the sneaker also reveals a printed repeat graphic pattern on the mesh. The graphic is made up of ASICS brand logo and information about their ethos and when the brand was established. 

This enables a strong story to be told by ASICS, not just about consumer health but about them as a footwear/apparel brand.

LINE ART-02.jpg
magnet info-03.png
material layering-03.jpg

Package Fabric breakdown

Layer 1: Tyvek

Layer 2: Thin foam

Layer 3: Closed hole mesh

The sneaker is made using a package fabric of Tyvek, thin foam and a closed hole mesh. The top layer is Tyvek, this enables the sneaker to be durable, customisable and also creates the inspired aesthetic from origami. The thin foam allows the package fabric to be comfortable around the foot and the closed hole mesh allows the package fabric to remain as breathable as possible.


Screenshot 2019-10-13 13.37.04.png
Screenshot 2019-09-14 16.37.32.png

Inspired by our consumer Arielle who is a fashionista, the sneaker is designed to be customisable so that each consumer is able to create their own look using the sneaker. A grid is provided with the footwear which can then be used to draw around, spray paint etc the graphics onto the sneaker. 

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