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To create a headwear pack that is able to be worn fashionably as well as in sport performance. Targeting the New Era contemporary consumer specifically for performance/training. The story needs to be constructed using colour and material on a variety of headwear silhouettes.

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- Male

- 18 - 25

- City environments

- Highly active

- Needs performance clothing



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My inspiration came from a variety of places. Looking at unique sports and activities that young people part take in such as skating, parkour, running etc. Mainly activities that take place in urban environments such as cities. The fabric also needed to be a move on from our familiar jersey range at New Era, ideally offering more performance qualities to help with issues such as sweat marks etc from heat and physical exercise. 

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While visiting the trade show Ispo in Germany, we came across a fabric supplier called Tex Ray who provided a variety of fabric developments including performance qualities. Dry Switch was a knitted fabric with a performance jersey finish. The property that dry switch had was that the fabric would take water/sweat from the back of the fabric and be able to evaporate the water through the face side of the fabric but not leave a single visible mark during the process to the face side. This was an improvement on our moisture wicking fabrics we had worked with in the past. it was also the first time New Era began to work with fabric mills and use forward order fabric, meaning as a brand we could control colour consistency through the entire process.

Lab Dips:

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