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To create a cohesive look for the urban runner, the look is made up of a colour up of the Puma Provoke made for the target consumer.

A key aspect for my cohesive look was I wanted the colour up to respond to the city environment our consumer lives in and the various stimulus that surrounds them.

Consumer: Urban runner

The urban runner was born to move, and their preferred trail is pavement. Whether to a meeting across town, or fitting in a midday mile, they are ready to commute through the city. Function and style are priority to them and they are always on the lookout for the next great innovation in product.

Screenshot 2019-12-15 18.28.48.png
Screenshot 2019-12-15 18.13.00.png

Unisex   -    18-25     -    City dweller    -    Digitally connected   -    Fashion forward    -    Innovation focussed    -    Fast pace

Screenshot 2019-12-15 18.34.31.png
Screenshot 2019-12-15 18.35.40.png
Screenshot 2019-12-15 18.34.17.png

Puma Provoke Colourway:

My Colourway for the Puma Provoke is inspired by the Urban runner who is a city dweller, they know the city better than anyone else. I imagine our consumer seeing every side the city has to offer. From the crack of dawn, the hustle during the day, to the new life that emerges at dusk.

Colour Pallete

Screenshot 2019-12-15 18.42.16.png
Screenshot 2019-12-15 18.42.11.png
Screenshot 2019-12-15 18.42.33.png
Screenshot 2019-12-15 18.45.58.png

My colour pallet is inspired various aspects of the city which share similar colours. The sunset/sunrise of a city landscape, the greys from the various man made objects and concrete and pavement in the city. I also took inspiration from how the green of plants around the edge of roads, streets etc look like artificial green under the city lights at night, along with the neon pops of car lights, street lights, signs and traffic lights.

Colour blocking design idea generation:

final design-01-01.jpg

Finished Design:

The finished design also includes textures inspired by the surfaces our consumer will touch when running, walking around the city. I also wanted the design to be reactive with various elements. UV reactive so the sneaker will change colour much like the sky. Reflective so our consumer is able to wear the sneaker from dawn to dusk and always be seen. And lastly water resistant so that the sneaker is able to be worn all year.

Design breakdown:

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